Aviatrix extends its AVX software-defined cloud routing

Aviatrix, a pioneer in software-defined cloud routing has announced a new feature of its AVX cloud router called the Aviatrix Orchestrator, the company said.

This new Aviatrix feature helps enterprises to deploy and manage Amazon Web Services (AWS) Transit Gateway, a service that allows organizations to connect their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs) and on-premises networks to a single gateway.

Aviatrix Orchestrator builds on the Aviatrix strategy to unify management of both AWS native networking services and Aviatrix services via a single management console. The new feature is available as part of the AVX Controller, which already provisions and monitors native AWS capabilities such as VPC creation, IP address management, inter-region (PCX) peering and AWS Direct Connect (i.e., virtual gateway) configurations.

Using the Aviatrix software-defined approach, cloud practitioners can easily deploy the optimal routing and network security services to meet the budgetary, functional and performance requirements of their business.

Aviatrix is a pioneer in software-defined cloud routing that makes cloud networking as simple and dynamic as cloud compute and storage. By enabling cloud engineers to easily and securely route traffic across any public cloud, on-premises and remote-user networks, Aviatrix empowers organizations to move at the speed of cloud–no longer hindered by traditional networking complexity or the limitations of public cloud networking capabilities–for all their hybrid cloud and multicloud networking requirements. The Aviatrix AVX software-defined cloud router is available as installed software or a networking-as-a-service hosted offering. Learn more at www.aviatrix.com or follow the company on Twitter @aviatrixsys.