Aviatrix, Cloud Academy to teach software-defined cloud routing to tech professionals

Aviatrix, the pioneer in software-defined cloud routing, has teamed with the digital skills management platform, Cloud Academy, to teach technology professionals how to build and operate software-defined public cloud networks for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, the company said.

The course, called “Managing Cloud Networks at Scale,” is a series of informal “chalk talks” and demonstrations that teach software-defined cloud routing, and look at the architectures and issues teams face when managing multi-cloud implementations.

The two organizations will partner on future content and educational resources including videos, blog posts, and webinars all designed to deliver ongoing training and education to keep tech professionals and practitioners current on the latest use cases and approaches to solving public cloud networking challenges. More information about the Aviatrix training curriculum can be requested at https://cloudacademy.com/partners/aviatrix/.

Aviatrix is the pioneer in software-defined cloud routing that makes cloud networking as simple and dynamic as cloud compute and storage. By enabling cloud engineers to easily and securely route traffic across any public cloud, on-premises and remote-user networks, Aviatrix empowers organizations to move at the speed of cloud–no longer hindered by traditional networking complexity or the limitations of public cloud networking capabilities–for all their hybrid cloud and multicloud networking requirements. The Aviatrix AVX software-defined cloud router is available as installed software or a networking-as-a-service hosted offering. Learn more at www.aviatrix.com or follow the company on Twitter @aviatrixsys.