Aviation biofuel – an Engagement for Green Growth

Air France has presented an Engagement for Green Growth (ECV) with the French Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition, French Ministry of Transport and the French Ministry of Economy and Finance along with four other major French industrial groups Airbus, Safran, Suez and Total, the company said.

This ECV aims to promote the emergence of sustainable aviation biofuel industries, in economically viable conditions that fully integrate circular economy principles. The idea is to support and rapidly create the conditions for implementing these industries in France.

Air transport represents 2% to 3% of global man-made CO2 emissions. Sustainable aviation biofuel has been identified as one of the most promising ways to meet the ambitious targets of stabilizing CO2 emissions generated by global air transport as soon as 2020.

Over recent years, Air France has fully demonstrated the operational capacity of using sustainable biofuels, the fluidity of logistic operations, as well as its acceptance by passengers. However, the conditions necessary for developing French sustainable aviation biofuel industries are currently limited by several factors, including economic viability conditions and securing a sustainable biomass supply.