Avianca Airlines partners with FirstHive customer data platform

FirstHive has partnered with Avianca Airlines to improve customer behavior understanding through a pilot program that deploys FirstHive´s Intelligent Customer Data Platform, the company said.

Under this initiative, Avianca Airlines aims to strengthen its competitive edge by enhancing the customer´s experience throughout every stage of their journey. During the first phase of the project, FirstHive will showcase its customer identity creation using a range of Avianca´s online and offline Customer Data Streams to create Unified Customer Personas.

Banking on FirstHive´s identity engineering approach, the disruptive organisation is eyeing a 30-fold growth in the next 30 months. Optimizing the personalized journey of millions of consumers simultaneously at the same time to magnificently amplify ROI is what FirstHive delivers.

FirstHive is an Intelligent Customer Data Platform that builds Unique Customer Identities by extracting data from various sources of customer interactions & transactions. FirstHive uses Machine Learning for building unified customer identities and layers it with actionable campaign targeting recommendations to deliver a disproportionate jump in marketing ROI.