Avian Solutions helps aviation industry amid COVID-19 pandemic with discounted services

Avian Solutions has announced it plans to provide discounted services to help the aviation industry that has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said.

Private aviation businesses and smaller charter operators have largely flown under the radar, due to the relative safety of fewer passengers and the ability to circumvent large international airports. Charter operators, flight schools and other airlines often operate on slim profit margins, especially when just getting off the ground.

To assist the aviation industry during the Covid-19 recovery, Avian Solutions is offering limited time discounted pricing on their existing products and development services:

-Custom software development: 60% discount
-Website development: FREE website development with 1-year management agreement
-White label web app: FREE
-Standard booking app: FREE
-Custom designed booking apps: Discounted to USD 1250/mo
-Access to JetOS remains FREE for all users.