Aviall to support Ukranian Antonov's new manufacturing program

Antonov, a Ukranian plane maker, has agreed to build eight planes a year as a result of a deal of Aviall, Boeing´s parts equipment and services unit, the company said.

Antonov, known for producing the world´s biggest aircraft, plans to restart serial production by the end of next year that will end the plane maker´s dependence on Russia.

Relations between Ukraine and Russia collapsed following the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and Antonov, which imported more than 60 percent of its plane parts from Russia, halted serial production two years later.

The first two or three planes will be ready by the end of 2019, according to Antonov chief. The companies will jointly set up storage facilities in Ukraine by November. The warehouse, funded by Aviall, will deal with products, materials, metals, non-metals – with all the components which not available from the Russian Federation.

Aviall will support Antonov´s new manufacturing programme to build the AN-1X8 planes and will have exclusive rights to help service the planes, Donets said, envisaging that Aviall will parts from the United States, Canada, Israel and Europe.

Antonov has manufactured some 30 different types of airplane including the two biggest air cargo planes – the An-124 Ruslan and An-225 Mriya, built for the Soviet space shuttle program. Antonov builds a range of passenger, cargo and transport aircraft. The latest under development is the An-132, a twin-engined turboprop used for military transportation which is being jointly developed with Saudi Arabia.