Avia Solutions donates USD 2 for COVID-19 vaccine transportation

Avia Solutions Group, a Cyprus-based aerospace business group, has announced it is donating USD 2m worth of flight budget to the World Health Organization for COVID-19 vaccine transportation, the company said.

Group´s board of directors decided to dedicate its efforts to the global society by solidarizing with the highly reputable world´s institutions and companies.

According to certain sources, today, more than 70 vaccines are being tested, and their certification procedures has already started. While the timeframe for approval processes is from late October 2020 to mid-2021, the vaccine transportation will most likely be needed in March — April 2021.

Avia Solutions Group is a large aerospace business group from Central & Eastern Europe providing aircraft, helicopter maintenance, crew training, ground handling, cargo, passenger charter, business as well as humanitarian flights, and many others aviation services.