Avetta CEO Gives Insight into Post Pandemic Program

Avetta® President and CEO Arshad Matin, and the company´s entire health and safety team, are instructing companies and safety leaders regarding how they prepare for increased productivity and reopening operations, the company said.

These initiatives come into focus especially as National Safety Month begins.

Here are some areas of consideration to ensure your company is prepared:

Safe Return Protocols — For the short term, it´s critical that companies create and communicate their Safe Return to Work Protocols for worker protection. These protocols can be unique for each company´s circumstances but should be based on a foundation of essential social distancing and hygiene principles.

Review & Plan — Next, business continuity reviews and planning are essential to adjusting to post-pandemic conditions. Having a well thought out playbook to react to potentially unplanned events provides well-defined actions for companies to quickly activate and follow. Now is the time to update those plans so those who are accountable know their responsibilities and can act in real time with the necessary functional leadership involvement.

Rethink Supply Chains — Companies should rethink their supply chains. Over the next few months, they should be evaluating critical suppliers for post pandemic resiliency, which includes items such as financial health, quality controls, health and safety risks, and sustainability, among others. Begin sourcing new business opportunities, and new supplier and vendor relationships to grow the value chain. Leverage the right technology and data to provide real-time insights and mitigate potential future negative impacts.

Post pandemic, strategies include reviewing the entire supply chain in a risk-based supplier evaluation process. Identify mutual dependency fears and understand supplier dependencies a level down–how ready are the suppliers of my suppliers? Real-time dashboards with technology can help companies understand both the challenges and the opportunities.

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