Average cost of a tank of petrol hits £100 for first time

The average cost of filling a 55-litre family car has passed the £100 mark as fuel prices continue to rise.

Figures from the RAC show that refuelling at UK forecourts now costs an average of £100.27 for a full tank of petrol and £103.43 for diesel.

Prices shot up in February after major oil producer Russia invaded Ukraine.

The continued rise in fuel prices will likely worsen the cost of living crisis for motorists, as well as for consumers more generally as businesses will at some point look to pass on their rising costs, Sky News reported.

“With average prices so high — 182.31p for a litre of unleaded and 188.05p for diesel — there’s almost certainly going to be upward inflationary pressure which is bad news for everybody,” said RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams.

“While fuel prices have been setting new records on a daily basis, households up and down the country may never have expected to see the cost of filling an average-sized family car reach three figures.”

Williams urged the UK government to offer more financial support to drivers, including a further duty cut or a temporary reduction in VAT on fuel.