Aventri Secures Partnerships to Offer Virtual Events

Event management software (EMS) leader Aventri has announced partnerships with three digital event solutions, the company said.

Responding to customer demand and taking a proactive leadership position in the events industry to provide solutions to organizations impacted by the COVID-19 virus, Aventri´s new offerings provide all current customers and any event planners globally with the option to move their events to a virtual platform or to add a digital component to any event.

Aventri has chosen to partner with three digital and virtual event solution providers, each offering a unique approach to specific use cases in the meetings and events industry. These partners are Digitell, Evia and Intrado Digital Media. The goal of these partnerships is to provide the market with multiple solutions to continue to connect over shared interests, content and events, no matter where in the world their attendees they may be.

With options to convert in-person events into digital experiences, Aventri is adapting to the current event environment. Attendees want multiple ways to consume content and are looking for events that provide them with the option to join in-person, online, and through their personal devices. Aventri´s decision to work with the digital event providers showcases the flexibly of our industry to work as partners with other vendors under the common goal to continue to build up our community.

Aventri is a provider of data-driven, end-to-end event and meeting management solutions. Their award-winning SaaS platform and best-in-class service offerings have enabled over 40,000 event professionals to plan, promote, deliver, measure and optimize over 90,000 events annually. Learn more at aventri.com.

Digitell, Inc. is a Digital Multimedia Development company specializing in assisting organizations on how to leverage their educational content online. With over 35 years´ experience servicing 150 organizations, Digitell utilizes this wealth of experience and knowledge to assist their clients in developing customized and cutting edge solutions to capturing, delivering and managing their online education. To learn more visit digitellinc.com.