Avaya Spaces Enables Cloud-Based Collaboration and Meetings

Enabling an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce, Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) has added new capabilities to Avaya Spaces that embrace a multiexperience approach by centralizing voice, video, messaging, chat and task management in one place to improve productivity and increase employee satisfaction, the company said.

Avaya Spaces is a cost-effective cloud meeting and team collaboration app that effortlessly integrates voice, video, tasks, sharing and more into one app that can be accessed from any endpoint device.

Avaya Spaces is easy-to-use, integrating web meetings and team collaboration and allowing users to create cloud work spaces where they can message, meet, share content and manage tasks from a browser or mobile device, and provides a simple, secure and effective way to get work done in the cloud.

Avaya Spaces enables users to create a work space or digital work hub where they can collaborate via messaging, meetings and share content. It offers a converged environment of meetings and team collaboration for a simple, economical, and secure way to communicate and work through a multitude of channels.

Avaya Spaces is now available via a flexible, subscription-based pricing model that makes it easy for customers to scale their consumption based on their specific and evolving needs. Monthly or annual payment includes upgrades to the latest releases, Avaya support, and the ability to flex to 20% over the number of subscribed users at no additional charge.