Avaya introduces subscription basis

Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) has introduced a new Device as a Service (DaaS) offering that will enable businesses to purchase Avaya´s latest smart desktop devices on a monthly subscription basis, the company said.

Similar to how smart devices are purchased in the consumer space, Avaya now provides three ways for businesses to enjoy the Avaya Desktop Experience: up front, financed, and by subscription.

Avaya´s Device as a Service offering delivers the company´s latest smart devices including the Avaya Vantageâ„¢ portfolio, the complete Essential Experience J100 series portfolio of IP Phones, and the Avaya B109, B179, and B189 conferencing devices. With the platform agnostic capabilities of the Avaya Desktop Experience, these devices can be deployed on Avaya or Non-Avaya UC platforms.

Customers can contract with terms of 1, 3, or 5 years, with longer terms offering lower monthly prices. Customers can upgrade at any time to more advanced devices without any penalty.