Avaya CEO commits to diversity and inclusion

Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE:AVYA) has announced that CEO Jim Chirico plans an intensified focus to advance diversity and inclusion at Avaya, formalizing the commitment by joining CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusionâ„¢, the company said.

This growing collaborative of businesses and organizations focuses on building productive, diverse and inclusive workplaces where openness is the norm, not the exception. This commitment is driven by CEOs who realize that this is both a societal and competitive issue, as research shows that diversity increases creativity and innovation, promotes higher-quality decisions, and enhances economic growth.

Representing the leadership of a cross-section of more than 400 companies and organizations across industries, geographies, size and scale, the commitment outlines a specific set of actions that companies can take to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected, where employees feel comfortable and encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion, and where actions and experiences can be shared across organizations via a unified hub, CEOAction.com.

Avaya is a global provider of digital communications software, services and devices for businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit www.avaya.com.