Avatar Integrated Systems Introduces new architecture

With semiconductor technology moving at a rapid pace to advanced process nodes, Avatar Integrated Systems, a provider of physical design implementation solutions, has introduced new architecture to its Aprisa and Apogee solutions, the company said.

The new release provides a breakthrough detailed-route-centric place-and-route architecture addressing the challenges facing designs at 16nm and below process nodes.

As designs move to sub-16nm, wire and via resistance become the dominant factor for the performance of the designs. Interconnect delay and other wiring related effects can no longer be handled without close involvement of detailed routing.

This makes it critical to have the precise detail routing prediction readily and efficiently throughout the place-and-route (P&R) flow. These predictions include routing layers, routing patterns, routing congestion, pin congestion, IR/EM effects, in addition to traditional process design rules.

Aprisa is a complete place-and-route (P&R) engine, including placement, clock tree synthesis, optimization, global routing and detailed routing. The core of the technology is its hierarchical database. Built upon the hierarchical database are common “analysis engines,” such as RC extraction, DRC engine, and an advanced, extremely fast timing engine to solve the complex timing issues associated with OCV, signal integrity (SI) and multi-corner multi-mode (MCMM) analysis.

Apogee is a full-featured, top-level physical implementation tool that includes prototyping, floor planning, and chip assembly. The unified hierarchical database enables a much more streamlined hierarchical design flow. Unique in-hierarchy-optimization (iHO) technology helps to close top-level timing during chip assembly through simultaneous optimization at top level and at blocks, reducing the turnaround time for top-level timing closure from weeks to days.

Avatar Integrated Systems is a software company in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry focused on Physical Design Implementation. The company´s products enable integrated circuit (IC) designers to create semiconductor chips which enable today´s electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, Internet equipment, IoT wearables, etc. For more information visit: www.avatar-da.com.