Avatar Integrated Systems finalist for design team of the year honors

Avatar Integrated Systems, a provider of physical design implementation solutions has announced that its Aprisa and Apogee product design team was named a 2018 Arm TechCon Innovation Award finalist for design team of the year, the company said.

In September 2018, Avatar introduced a new architecture to its Aprisa and Apogee solutions. The new release provides a breakthrough detailed-route-centric place-and-route architecture addressing the new challenges facing designs at 16nm and below process nodes. The Detailed-Route-Centric Architecture enables efficient and frequent detailed route layers, patterns, congestions, pin-access, etc. to be available throughout the place-and-route flow.

This significantly reduces the number of place-and-route iterations with fast design closure while achieving better design quality with higher performance, lower power, and smaller die size. These types of EDA innovations are crucial for the success of the Arm ecosystem, particularly among lead-edge adopters at deep sub-micron nodes.

Avatar´s technical design team spans over two decades of place and route engineering expertise and success at various companies. The team is led by Ping San Tzeng, Ph.D., chief technical officer at Avatar. Dr. Tzeng and his team continue to deliver innovative products and technology to the semiconductor industry as demonstrated by the latest Detailed-Route-Centric Architecture.

The Arm TechCon Innovation Awards program celebrates-edge Arm-based technologies that have spawned new applications and sparked innovation in systems design. Arm TechCon, the world´s conference and exhibition showcasing Arm-based technologies, will be held Oct. 16-18 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Arm technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate.

Avatar Integrated Systems is a software company in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry focused on Physical Design Implementation. The company´s products enable integrated circuit (IC) designers to create semiconductor chips which enable today´s electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, Internet equipment, IoT wearables, etc. For more information visit: www.avatar-da.com.