Avatar Integrated Systems Continues to Tackle Advanced Process Node Design Challenges With New Aprisa release

Avatar Integrated Systems, a provider of next-generation physical design solutions, has announced it has added significant new features to its Aprisa™ place and route solution with the recent 19.1 rel.3 version of the product, the company said.

Avatar introduced Sibling Routing™ and PowerFirst™ technologies in the Aprisa 19.1 release in 2019. Both of these innovative technologies have been designed to address the performance and capacity challenges of place and route at advanced process nodes and the demands for extreme low power and smaller silicon area at mainstream nodes.

Aprisa 19.1 rel.3 demonstrates Avatar´s dedication to helping designers overcome some of the most daunting challenges in IC design today. In addition to the technology advancements to the company´s flagship product Aprisa, Avatar has also been granted three new US patents during Q1 2020. The patents cover techniques that enable place-and-route optimization based on path-based analysis.

Avatar Integrated Systems is a software company in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry focused on Physical Design Implementation. The company´s products enable integrated circuit (IC) designers to create semiconductor chips, which enable today´s electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, Internet equipment, IoT wearables, etc. For more information visit: www.avatar-da.com.