Avant partners with Effortless to support demand for cloud computing services

AVANT has partnered with Effortless to support increasing demand of small and mid-sized business (SMBs) to offload the IT department´s routine tasks, such as adding new users, upgrading software, and making changes to the individual users in the company, the company said.

The private all-in-the-cloud model Effortless provides is one businesses claim saves money on staffing, and adds additional security.

The growth seen in the hosted desktop market is expected to continue its sharp rise as forecasted by IDC´s projection of more than a 40 percent growth rate by 2018. As cloud desktops become the norm for SMBs, it is important r for the cloud providers to go the extra mile to win and keep clients.

Effortless offers a security-as-a-service product called Effortless Defense, providing an added layer of security that goes beyond the expected firewall, SPAM filter, and antivirus.