AVANT Communications enhances BattleApp

AVANT Communications, the provider of channel sales enablement for next-generation IT solutions, has announced major enhancements to its channel sales enablement capabilities with the updated release of the BattleApp, the company said.

The newest release features the launch of dynamically generated matrices which rank an entire industry of service providers according to interactively selected end-user requirement and major expansion of the BattleApp´s opportunity management capabilities with the new BattleView functionality – a pipeline management tool. AVANT also builds on its leadership in sales enablement technology by extending the partner-branded experience to the thousands of sales documents housed within.

As the provider of channel sales enablement for next-generation solutions, AVANT adds unique value with its focus and expertise in channel sales assistance, sales training, sales guidance, and sales tools to fuel IT services business growth. From complex cloud designs, to global wide-area network deployments, AVANT sets the industry standard in enabling its partners and clients to make more intelligent decisions about services, technology, and cost-efficient communications. For more information, visit us at www.goavant.net.