Avanci Licensing Marketplace Grows to 35 Patent Owners

Avanci announced the addition of Acer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intellectual Discovery and Longhorn IP to its licensing platform bringing the total number of patent owners participating in the platform to 35, the company said.

The complete cellular standard essential patent portfolios of these four companies, which include many 2G, 3G, and 4G standard essential patents, will now be available through Avanci´s one-stop marketplace. Avanci´s platform can now offer a license to the vast majority of cellular standard essential patents for the Internet of Things products in a single agreement.

Avanci´s one-stop marketplace simplifies the way companies share technology by licensing intellectual property from many different patent holders in a single transaction. By streamlining the technology sharing process, Avanci is accelerating the growth of the Internet of Things by providing IoT manufacturers with an efficient and transparent way to access the wireless technology needed to bring their products online.

Avanci has a vision that sharing technology, on a broad scale for the Internet of Things industry, can be simpler. For more information about Avanci, visit http://www.avanci.com.