Avanci announces patent license agreement

Avanci announced that it has signed a patent license agreement with BMW Group that will to a large extent be handled through its supplier for telematics units, providing them access to the essential wireless technology of many different telecommunication and patent holding companies, the company said.

As part of Avanci´s mission to streamline patent licensing for the Internet of Things, it provides license rights to 2G, 3G and 4G essential patents at a fair, flat rate that is the same for all vehicles regardless of the price and the number of telematics units installed. This rate will not increase over the term of the license, no matter how many additional patent owners join the platform in the future beyond the 11 companies that have joined the platform to date.

Avanci has a vision that sharing technology, on a broad scale for the Internet of Things industry, can be simpler. Founded in 2016, Avanci is headquartered in Dallas. For more information about Avanci, visit http://www.avanci.com.