Autotalks to launch 2nd Gen V2X solution

Autotalks will launch CRATON2, its 2nd generation V2X solution, at ITS World Congress in Melbourne Australia, the company said.

CRATON2, specifically designed for autonomous vehicles, is a secure V2X communication solution with embedded Hardware Security Module (eHSM) and V2X cybersecurity firewall.

V2X communication adds confidence, certainty and safety to connected and self-driving vehicles as it helps prevent car accidents, especially in situations of non-line-of-sight, rough weather or poor lighting conditions. It also helps improve mobility as it enables traffic coordination, resulting in higher road utilization and lower emissions. Leading car manufacturers are currently working with technology partners to finalize V2X systems to be built into new vehicles.

Autotalks, founded in 2008, enables the V2X communication revolution by providing an automotive qualified chipset that supports all functions required from a V2X ECU.