AutoPoint forms vehicle provider company with DMEautomotive, TitleTec

AutoPoint has announced its integration with fellow automotive technology providers, DMEautomotive and TitleTec, the company said.

Together, the three companies create a single technology and marketing platform aimed squarely at driving revenue and increasing retention rates across the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Branded as “AutoPoint”, the comprehensive solution gives vehicle manufacturers, new-car franchised dealerships, aftermarket service providers, and independent providers the ability to access AutoPoint´s pioneering service processes, DMEautomotive´s science-based marketing solutions, and TitleTec´s industry-leading electronic registration tools to improve their customer retention, loyalty, and long-term sustainable profitability.

The single technology platform will connect customers to their auto service providers through the digital and mobile channels motorists increasingly prefer. Multichannel communication and AutoPoint´s unique tools will engage motorists throughout the vehicle lifecycle and into their next vehicle purchase.

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