Auterion partners with Quantum-Systems on new VTOL sUAS for US defense/security markets

Auterion Government Solutions Inc (AGS Inc) has announced it has partnered with Munich-based Quantum-Systems GmbH to bring the Vector and Scorpion small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) to the US Government Defense and Security markets, the company said.

The partnership brings together sUAS hardware with a secure, scalable, open source, operating system, Auterion OS.

Quantum-Systems utilizes a proprietary flight control stack as well as its qBase command and control software on these two air vehicles. When the platforms are integrated with Auterion Enterprise PX4 software, Auterion Ground Station software, and the Auterion Hand-Held Ground Control Station (H-GCS), they form an open ecosystem that is aligned and integrated with DoD´s Group 1 UAS Architecture and requirements for a common Group 1 control system. This integration enables these sUAS to be extensible, tailorable and interoperable for customers in both the US Defense and Security markets.

AGS Inc is building an ecosystem of unmanned systems capabilities by providing everything from key components, to integrated software, to complete UAS solutions.

Quantum-Systems GmbH has been developing VTOL sUAS for the mapping industry.