Austrian Airlines, Sabre announce new mobile flight planning technology

Austria´s flagship carrier, Austrian Airlines, has launched a new mobile solution, eFlight Manager, developed by Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), which will enable real-time NOTAM, weather and flightplan updates throughout the lifecycle of the airline´s flights if air-to-ground communication is available in the cockpit, the company saie.

Austrian Airlines, a long-term customer of Sabre´s AirCentre Flight Plan Manager, worked with Sabre to develop the solution´s new mobile extension.

The industry-leading technology enables airlines, which operate with the most mobile workforces in the world, to access digital flight planning information anytime, anywhere. This will help to further improve the safety of flights, by providing pilots with the necessary information to track and avoid bad weather. Airlines will also be able to adjust fuel calculations based on this data.

Since the launch of the beta phase at the start of November, a small test group at Austrian Airlines has been using the solution inflight on tablet devices. Through integrated systems and real-time downloads of the latest flight data, Austrian Airlines has been able to achieve a common view between pilots and dispatchers, enabling greater efficiency in flight planning. The solution will also help the airline improve post-flight analysis and planning by synchronising aircraft and ground-based data.

Austrian Airlines is Austria´s largest carrier and operates a global route network of approximately 130 destinations, being particularly dense in Central and Eastern Europe with 37 destinations.

Sabre Corporation is a leading technology provider to the global travel and tourism industry. Sabre´s software, data, mobile and distribution solutions are used by hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotel properties to manage critical operations, including passenger and guest reservations, revenue management, flight, network and crew management.