Aurora recognized by Switzerland for successful expansion and operations

Aurora Flight Sciences was awarded with a 2017 Tell Award, which honors US companies that have made significant and innovative investments in Switzerland, the company said.

Sponsored annually by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), the Tell Awards were established in 2004 to “recognize companies that boldly accept the risks and rewards that come with international expansion and demonstrate success with operations in Switzerland.”

In 2012 the Swiss Department of Defence became the first customer for Aurora´s Centaur Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA). Aurora delivered the OPA to Armasuisse, the procurement agency of the Department, in November of 2013. Armasuisse now operates its own flight test center and uses Centaur as a platform to test sensors and sense and avoid equipment required to operate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the Swiss national airspace.

This initial partnership led to the establishment of Aurora Swiss Aerospace (ASA), a subsidiary of Aurora Flight Sciences. ASA opened for business in 2014, led by Tim Dawson-Townsend with offices near Emmen Air Base.

In early 2016, Aurora needed additional engineering expertise to support new larger-scale projects. Attention turned to Lucerne, Switzerland, where it was evident the company could draw from the engineering resources of Switzerland and the rest of Europe, as well as remain in support range for our Armasuisse customer. ASA expanded to a core team of four engineers, three Swiss and one French. The employee count quickly increased to 14 employees; a number that is expected to grow by another 50% in 2018.

ASA has become an innovative and dynamic company that provides equipment and operational support for UAS users throughout Europe and nearby regions. ASA specializes in the design and analysis of lightweight aerospace structures and has growing teams focused on Autonomy, system analysis and concept design.

Aurora Flight Sciences is an innovative technology company which strives to create smarter aircraft through the development of versatile and intuitive autonomous systems. Operating at the intersection of technology and robotic aviation, Aurora leverages the power of autonomy to make manned and unmanned flight safer and more efficient. Headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, Aurora operates production plants in Bridgeport, West Virginia and Columbus, Mississippi, has Research and Development Centers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dayton, Ohio and Mountain View, California, and a European office, Aurora Swiss Aerospace, located in Luzern, Switzerland.