Audience Partners, Elite Daily to help political campaigns, advocacy groups reach millennial voters

Audience Partners said it has announced that it is partnering with Elite Daily to create advertising packages and content experiences that will better reach millennial voters.

Coupled with Elite Daily´s millennial focused content, this partnership will leverage Audience Partners´ National Online Voter File® enabling advertisers to identify readers by party affiliation and other voter file attributes to better customize messaging when they visit Elite Daily.

The goal of the partnership is to increase voter participation of Millennials. The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University found that, in 2014, youth voter turnout fell to its lowest level on record. Approximately 20 percent of millennials don´t have cable subscriptions and connect their TV to the Internet or use antennas for broadcast. Meanwhile, 85 percent own smartphones.

Audience Partners, is a four screen, audience curation company that operates an addressable advertising platform that uses data science, programmatic ad buying and unique first party data to target individuals with cross device advertising on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and addressable televisions. Its patented technology serves political consultants, media, television companies, and online publishers and our tools are used to facilitate free political speech.

Launched in February of 2012, Elite Daily is committed to delivering the most relevant and engaging content to the social generation.