ATR delivers 5 ATR 72-600 airliners to Iran Air before US sanctions take effect

Morningstar has reported that France-based ATR turboprop manufacturer has delivered five ATR 72-600s airliners to Iran Air, the publication said.

Iran Air reported the additional planes arrived on Sunday, August 5 and ATR has confirmed the planes were delivered on August 6, in compliance with US-ordered rules.

The five planes are part of a 20-plane order placed in 2017 by the Iranian air carrier. Eight of the planes were delivered before President Trump extracted the US from the Iranian nuclear accord, finalized in 2015. The accord lifted sanctions on Iran when the country agreed to curb its nuclear program.

US sanctions in May 2018 voided licenses between aircraft manufacturers and Iran, giving businesses 90 days to discontinue their activities with the Middle Eastern country.