Atonix Digital Introduces Asset Performance Management Solution for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Atonix Digital — a subsidiary of Black & Veatch focused on data-driven software applications — announces its new Wastewater Treatment Solution, the company said.

The solution is geared to help facility operators identify previously undetectable changes in systems performance and unlock new opportunities to control costs, manage risk and improve service.

Built on the company´s cloud-based Asset Performance Management (APM) platform, the solution provides facility operators with intuitive features that collect, integrate and present monitoring and diagnostics data, performance analysis and risk assessment through easy-to-understand visualizations that speed decision-making. Cloud-based access makes it accessible to all authorized users — anytime, anywhere.

The Atonix Digital solution provides critical advantages for wastewater treatment operators by:

Providing a facility-wide view of infrastructure performance.
Reducing overall costs through​ efficient means of managing​ infrastructure assets and treatment processes.
Prioritizing failure mitigation to improve maintenance plans and ​repair practices.
Streamlining reporting processes to meet regulatory requirements.
Easing concerns over an aging workforce by automating a plant´s processes for monitoring and optimizing assets.
The Atonix Digital Wastewater Treatment Solution can monitor and visualize all relevant variables and actively report on key performance indicators (KPIs) — through scorecards, trends, and alerts — that are most important to a customer. Alerts can provide early warning of issues to any developing problem to help operators assess equipment degradation.

Atonix Digital develops and offers a portfolio of products that help simplify asset management by putting your data to work — to optimize performance, improve reliability and efficiency, detect emerging risks and provide an easily justifiable return on your investment. Atonix Digital is a Black & Veatch company. Visit for more information.