ATLAS Space Operations brings 9 new ground stations online

ATLAS Space Operations, Inc., a innovator in communications for the space industry, announced it has brought online nine new ground stations in its network, the company said.

This brings the total to 13 ground stations, with an additional 17 sites planned by 2020.

The additional stations expand ATLAS´ global presence and will help facilitate the growth of its customer base in both the public and private sectors.

By increasing the number of sites available in the network, ATLAS can reduce the amount of time between when a satellite can communicate with its owners. This translates to faster data and reduced costs to the customer.

ATLAS Space Operations, Inc., based in Traverse City, Michigan, empowers global access to space through FREEDOM™, a simple solution for processing and analyzing data from space, through a global antenna network, powered by a revolutionary cloud-based software. ATLAS´s forward-thinking communications solutions are transforming the space industry by making ground communications simple, affordable and scalable than ever before. For more information on ATLAS Space Operations, visit