Atlantic Broadband Network reports increased data usage and viewing patterns across all platforms

Atlantic Broadband, the nation´s eighth-largest cable operator, has reported significant increases in Internet bandwidth usage since the COVID-19 outbreak, the company said.

With stay-at-home orders in place in most states, there has been a significant increase in traffic due to work-from-home, e-learning and increased usage of video platforms. Since mid-March:

— Internet traffic from Atlantic Broadband customers increased approximately 25%, with some areas exceeding 30%.
— Netflix has experienced bandwidth usage nearly 60% higher, with some evenings seeing peaks 80% higher.
— Video on Demand (VOD) usage increased by 50%.
— Overall usage on the company´s video platforms has been higher not only during the typical peak period of primetime, but also throughout the day, with those peaks extending for longer periods of time.

Heightened usage levels are expected to continue while business and residential customers are staying at home, as needs for educational, work and entertainment resources are high.
The network utilization increases have generally followed the timing of the stay-at-home orders that have been issued by state governors, with orders now in effect in ten of the eleven states in which the company provides services.

Atlantic Broadband, a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc. (TSX: CCA), is the eighth- largest cable operator in the United States, based on the number of television service customers served. The company provides its residential and business customers with Internet, TV and Phone services in 11 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Atlantic Broadband is headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts. To learn more about Atlantic Broadband, visit