ATLANTIC-ACM Announces 2020 Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards

Leading research consultancy and market diligence firm ATLANTIC-ACM delivered its 2020 Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards on Tuesday, January 21 at the annual Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, the company said.

The awards were determined by responses to the firm´s annual customer feedback survey, which collected over 1,600 customer evaluations from nearly 400 individual respondents.

The 2020 analysis of the international voice and data market marks the 21st consecutive year of this research and offers competitive benchmarking data to carriers as well as insights on shifting purchase dynamics and priorities.

The winners for Large Service Providers (based on total estimated wireline revenue) were:

NTT: Brand, Sales Reps, Service Delivery, Network Performance, and Customer Service
Deutsche Telekom: Billing and Data Value
CenturyLink: Data Value
Telefonica: Voice Value
The winners for Midsized Service Providers were:

BICS: Brand, Sales Reps, Network Performance, and Customer Service
Cogent: Service Delivery and Data Value
Telia Carrier: Billing and Sales Reps
Vodafone: Voice Value

Founded in 1991, ATLANTIC-ACM, is a strategic consulting firm to the telecom and technology sectors. For more information, visit ATLANTIC-ACM´s website at