ATCA recognizes 5 NAV CANADA employees with air traffic control awards

NAV CANADA has reported five employees were recognized with awards for their accomplishments by the Washington DC-based Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA), the company said.

The ATCA awards were presented on October 17 as part of the ATCA Annual Conference.

Jeff Cochrane received the William A. Parenteau Memorial Award for an outstanding achievement or contribution during the previous year, which has added to the quality, safety, or efficiency of air traffic control.

Jim Daher received the David J. Hurley Memorial Award for Aviation Traffic Management, which is awarded to an individual working in the field of aviation traffic management for outstanding achievement or contribution in the area of ATC collaborative decision making, balancing air traffic demand and capacity, or maximizing airspace and airport use, which has added to the quality, efficiency and/or safety of the global airspace systems.

Bob Miller was awarded the General ER Quesada Memorial Award, which is a medallion award presented to an individual for an outstanding achievement or contribution during the previous year as an ATC manager.

Jeff Barry and Matthew Nych received the Chairman´s Citation of Merit Award, which recognize exemplary work in air traffic control over the past year and beyond, and for overall enhancement of and contribution to ATC and the aviation community.

NAV CANADA is the country´s private sector civil air navigation services provider. NAV CANADA provides air traffic control, flight information, weather briefings, aeronautical information services, airport advisory services and electronic aids to navigation.