AT&T to provide Nellis Air Force Base with 5G/FirstNet services

AT&T (NYSE:T) has announced it has been selected by Nellis Air Force Base to provide AT&T 5G services to the base in Southern Nevada, the company said.

AT&T will equip Nellis with 5G infrastructure to support wireless data and voice services connecting the base´s more than 40,000 Air Force personnel, their families, and retirees. It will provide wireless high-speed external and in-building connectivity across Nellis´ flight line, facilities, dormitories, and the Mike O´Callaghan Military Medical Center.

AT&T and Nellis AFB expect the new solution will result in a communications platform equipped to support a broad array of technology tools and innovations that can help the base modernize its approach to its mission.

Potential Nellis use cases powered by AT&T 5G could include:
• Support for world-class flight line operations, where mission data is transferred at high speeds with lower latency from the data platforms, sensors and onboard systems of arriving/departing aircraft to on-ground personnel.
• Enhanced continuous video surveillance and analytics for increased base security.
• Improved virtual, geographically distributed training for the Virtual Test and Training Center using AR/VR capabilities.
• Near real-time management of inventory and aircraft schematics; improved use of parts; diagnostics analysis.

In addition to deploying 5G, AT&T is also set to deliver FirstNet capabilities across the base for eligible first responder and public safety personnel. FirstNet is designed to strengthen communications among city, county, state, federal and tribal public safety professionals. And it´s advancing public safety communications with critical capabilities like priority and preemption to help keep vital communications connected in the event of an emergency.