AT&T to provide connectivity to cardiac remote monitoring solution

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) and Zywie, Inc. are helping physicians diagnose and treat patients with cardiovascular disease faster, the company said.

The companies announced that AT&T will provide wireless connectivity for ZywiePro, Zywie´s cardiac remote monitoring solution. The device will run on AT&T Control Center.

AT&T and Zywie are looking to offer highly secure, accessible monitoring for those with the disease. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the healthcare industry by securely delivering valuable data in near real-time.

The ZywiePro solution uses mobile and cloud technology to detect cardiovascular arrhythmias in patients. It sends doctors detailed diagnostics of the cardiovascular health of their patients.

Zywie (zÄ«-wee) is a medtech company focused on the early detection and precise remote monitoring of patients with cardiovascular disease. The company´s end-to-end platform, the ZywiePro solution, uses FDA cleared technology to provide physicians with a trusted, cost-effective solution for remote electrocardiogram monitoring.