AT&T, Rush System for Health agree to use 5G in hospital setting

AT&T (NYSE: T) and Chicago-based Rush University Medical Center and the Rush System for Health are working to bring the first standards-based 5G enabled hospital to the US 5G technology will be used in parts of the hospital in various use cases, the company said.

It´s important to begin using 5G technology in health care settings. 5G will ultimately bring faster speeds, lower latency and support the abundance of innovative technologies Rush is currently deploying throughout its system.

AT&T MEC services will enable Rush to manage its cellular traffic over both its local network and its wide area network. This will allow Rush to better satisfy network communications and application processing needs for its data, enhance the various use cases across its system, and help improve the patient experience.

The 5G technology will help connect various applications, people, devices, robotics and more. The Rush collaboration with AT&T doesn´t stop with network services. Together, they will create opportunity to explore the use of mobile technology in technology-driven therapies, improving hospital operations and enhancing the patient experience. The project will kick off this month and create learnings throughout most of 2019.

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