AT&T, Mobilitie enhance Churchill Downs mobile coverage

AT&T (NYSE: T) and Mobilitie have expanded coverage at Churchill Downs by upgrading the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to improve the customer experience at the venue, the company said.

AT&T and Mobilitie upgraded the antenna system at the venue to give customers a better mobile experience. Recent upgrades add more than 50 percent more LTE capacity to the existing wireless network at the venue for AT&T customers making it easier than ever for them to share exciting moments during the Derby weekend with friends and family, from the opening of the gates to the thrill of the final horse race at the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby.

This year marks the fourth straight year AT&T and Mobilitie have teamed up to improve coverage at Churchill Downs.

A DAS installation consists of multiple strategically placed antennas that distribute AT&T´s wireless network coverage throughout Churchill Downs. These antennas manage the wireless capacity in heavily trafficked areas, such as Churchill Downs. This brings better, more consistent wireless coverage to customers in indoor or outdoor spaces.