AT&T, IBM team to enhance IoT capabilities on IBM Cloud

AT&T (NYSE: T) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) have partnered to help businesses accelerate their Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, the companies said.

The two companies said they will combine their strengths in cognitive computing and global connectivity to create open standards-based tools on the IBM Cloud that enable developers to build and implement a wide variety of IoT solutions.

IBM and AT&T are expanding their full commitment and investment in open-source based tools, such as Node-Red, and open standards like MQTT, for creating IoT solutions. Developers can add IBM´s Watson cognitive computing and AT&T´s IoT platforms like flow designer and M2X, and access to its global network.

AT&T Inc. is a provider of mobile, high speed Internet and voice services. It is a provider of pay TV in the US and Latin America.