At-risk youth learn about aviation careers at Pan Am International Flight Academy

A new collaboration between the Cuban-American National Council (CNC) and Pan Am International Flight Academy in Miami is exposing at-risk youth to a unique opportunity to learn about airline training and the aviation industry, the Academy said.

Students enrolled in the CNC Youth Program are getting the opportunity through job shadowing and mentoring with designated staff at the aviation training academy to learn all about careers in aviation.

The students will be participating in a wide range of activities over individual assignments of 120 hours at a time, where they will interact with flight instructors, current aviation students,

CNC students get a firsthand look at flight training, working around advanced flight simulators, classroom training, and air traffic control simulation and training, among other career pathways within the aviation industry.

Pan Am International Flight Academy is a leading provider of training support for airlines and aviation professionals. In 1980 Pan Am American World Airways opened its Flight Academy in Miami, Florida, still our base of operations. With locations in Miami, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Tokyo, Thailand & Europe.