Asurion experts showed people a few simple steps to declutter their phones.

Asurion, the world´s tech care company, believes tidying up your phone can help you feel more empowered, stay organized and save time, the company said.

Inspired by lifestyle decluttering trends made popular by recent streaming shows, books and blogs, Asurion experts invited 29 phone users into its Asurion Labs to talk about pain points people have with key organization areas of their phones, including photo storage, emails and contact lists. Then, Asurion experts shared tips in these areas to help participants streamline and save time managing these functions.

The result: After decluttering their phones and using the organizational and search tips for two weeks, participants said they felt more empowered using their phones, that their phones were better organized and that it was faster and easier to locate content.

Before the decluttering tips, many participants told the Asurion experts they were “constantly scrolling” to find the phone content they were looking for. One person admitted to spending up to two hours each day filtering through emails.

After spending two weeks on their newly organized phones:

– 9.6 out of 10 reported feeling more empowered with what they can do with their phone.
– Three-quarters said they enjoyed using their phone more.
– 9.3 out of 10 liked the tips so much that they shared them with friends and family.
– Two-thirds said it´s much easier to find things on their phone.
– Those who felt their phone content was “very organized” more than doubled.
– Overall, participants noted time savings and a heightened sense of efficiency when using their newly decluttered devices. Many also reported that they felt more knowledgeable regarding how to use their device, despite having used their phones daily for years.

Some tips included: For Android Phones: Enjoy better photo management and sharing capabilities with Google Photos as your primary photo app.

Easily locate photos by person or pet when you group by similar faces. Tap ≡ > Tap Settings > Tap Group similar faces > Turn on Face Grouping

Add a name to find photos faster. Open a person or pet photo > Tap Menu > Tap Info > Faces will be separated under people > Tap a face > Tap Add a Name > Enter the name

For iPhones:
To create an album from existing photos. Open Photos app > Open the All Photos Album or tap the Photos Tab > Tap Select > Select all photos you want to add to the new album > Tap Add To > Select New Album

Facial recognition makes it easy to find photos of people you love. Open a photo with a person´s face in it > Swipe Up over the photo > Tap Circle with person´s face > Tap Menu icon in the top left corner > Tap Add to people´s album > Enter person´s name > Tap Done or Next

To find a specific photo fast:

For Android Phones: Find the photos you´ve labeled. Open Google Photo App > Tap search bar at the top of screen > Type in search criteria > Scroll through results for your photo

For iPhones: iOS makes it easy to find a photo by identifying objects, people, places and even animals in a photo. Open Photos app > Tap on Search Icon > Type in search criteria > Scroll through results for specific photo

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