Astute introduces new consumer engagement CRM software

Astute has announced the release of Astute Agent 10, the latest version of its industry-leading consumer engagement CRM, the company said.

Formerly known as ePowerCenter, Astute Agent boasts new features for enhanced agent efficiency, better configurability, and easier compliance with consumer privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Astute Agent is designed to drive agent efficiency in each interaction, offering features like next best action, auto-populated case fields, an integrated agent knowledgebase, auto-generation of email responses, and more. Administrators have the control they need to configure the solution to their unique workflow without costly customizations. New consumer privacy compliance features allow companies to configure their processes according to their interpretation of the regulations, and ensure consumer PII can be redacted from the system without losing valuable case data that could skew reporting on complaints and other product feedback.

Astute´s customer engagement software powers smarter CX and delivers invaluable first-party customer data for the world´s most innovative brands. The Astute suite makes it easy for companies to engage and delight individual customers across all channels, while gathering first-hand insight to improve the experience for everyone. Astute blends AI-driven customer self-service, best-of-breed agent desktop, and powerful customer analytics to drive efficiency, loyalty, and brand protection for consumer brands all over the world. Learn more at