AstroNova gets multiple commitments for ToughWriter 640

AstroNova, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALOT), a manufacturer and supplier of aerospace products, has received multiple commitments following the Paris Air Show from major airlines for the ToughWriter 640 narrow format flight deck printer to be installed in their Boeing 737 aircraft, the company said.

The ToughWriter 640 brings several performance and operational benefits to the B737 aircraft. Compared with competitive offerings, the ToughWriter 640 provides a weight reduction of nearly 50%, a significant improvement in reliability, lower power consumption and a compact form factor. The ToughWriter 640 offers a number of industry firsts, including full graphical printing and Ethernet connectivity.

AstroNova announced the addition of the ToughWriter 640 to the B737 catalog in April. The ToughWriter 640 is used to print flight planning data, ground communications and messages transmitted over the ACARS digital datalink system. AstroNova is scheduled to begin delivering the printer to Boeing early in 2018.

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