Astronics Launches Next-Gen Radio Test Solution

Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO), through its wholly owned subsidiary Astronics Test Systems (ATS), introduced its new ATS-3100 Radio Test Set (RTS) — a revolutionary test platform that ensures flawless military radio performance when failure to communicate is not an option.

The ATS-3100 RTS enables users to test both legacy and modern military tactical radios using a single platform. Astronics integrated the most crucial features for radio test into the new ATS-3100 RTS, giving users the capability to test both airborne and ground legacy radios (e.g. SINCGARS) plus modern wideband waveforms (e.g. 117G, ANW 2, TSM) from virtually any original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The ATS-3100 RTS is the newest member of the ATS-3100 PXI Integration Platform product family.

The ATS-3100 RTS preserves investment in legacy equipment while leaving significant capacity for the addition of new technology. The new system offers a seamless transition from the legacy GRM-122 test set, providing a solution that is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and further customizable to meet individual needs. As a benchtop, software-defined platform, it serves as the perfect complement to the Astronics CTS-6010 portable tester, released in May of 2016.

Designed for maintainability, the ATS-3100 RTS features rapid, 2-hour automated calibration, allowing users to significantly reduce turnaround time and have test sets back up and running quickly. Additionally, with easy access to the two primary line-replaceable units (LRUs), mean time to repair (MTTR) reduces from hours to minutes.

The ATS-3100 RTS tests advanced radio capabilities including frequency hopping, bit error rate, error vector magnitude (EVM), and sensitivity.

Astronics Test Systems leverages nearly 60 years of experience to offer automatic test expertise to electronics manufacturers in the aerospace, military, semiconductor, medical, space, mass transit, and automotive industries. Astronics´ test solutions ensure the world´s most advanced electronic products perform as designed, every time.

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