Astronics Ballard Technology Launches Innovative Aircraft Communications Server

Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Astronics Ballard Technology, introduced its new Wireless Aircraft Communications Server (webCS®), the industry´s first highly integrated smart AID/server/router that enables aircraft operators to easily capture, record, and process aircraft data, the company said.

With this data, flight crews gain valuable insight into the performance of the aircraft to help them make decisions that improve operational efficiency. In addition, an operator can transmit data off the aircraft for post-flight analysis using built-in cellular or Wi-Fi interfaces, or stream data in real-time when connected to an on-board connectivity system.

The webCS greatly simplifies the process of adding data-centric technology to commercial and business aircraft. This single device combines functions that were traditionally performed by several separate components, reducing the equipment footprint, simplifying installation design, and eliminating integration issues, resulting in significant savings. The webCS manages multiple communication pathways and features a new low profile Wi-Fi and cellular antenna array as an integral part of the compact, innovative design.

The powerful webCS platform features enhanced computing capabilities that enable operators to securely access and process aircraft data for a variety of applications such as pilot electronic flight bag (EFB), cabin/crew, quick access recorder (QAR), maintenance, and other user-developed or third-party applications. The webCS is also a cost-effective communications server capable of providing real-time data processing for next generation technologies, such as integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technology into the aircraft. The webCS platform allows the operator to leverage and incorporate new technologies and innovations as they become available, maximizing their investment.

Astronics Ballard Technology is the industry-leader for reliable avionics databus interface solutions. By producing quality, easy-to-use products available in a wide range of configurations, and providing free, world-class customer support, Astronics Ballard Technology has won the loyalty of aerospace, military and government users worldwide. For more information on the new webCS, visit

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