Astrocast, Spaceflight Announce New Launch Contract

Astrocast has announced the signing of a new contract with Spaceflight for the launch of 10 additional IoT nanosatellites, the company said.

This new contract will be the 6th launch booked with Spaceflight for Astrocast. Both Astrocast´s test and fully functional satellites were also launched with Spaceflight within the last year.

In total, Spaceflight is now set to launch 30 of the 100 satellites that will complete the Astrocast IoT Nanosatellite Network. The launch of the satellites is expected to take place in late 2021.

Astrocast SA, in partnership with the European Space Agency, Airbus, and Thuraya, is developing an advanced nanosatellite network for the Internet of things (IoT). Airbus, the CEA and Astrocast have developed a low-cost ASIC and data-protocol that provides the most power efficient satellite modem for IoT applications. For more information visit