Astro Aerospace acquires Passenger Drone

Astro Aerospace (OTCQB:ASDN) has acquired the assets to VTOL industry leader, Passenger Drone, the company said.

Porsche Consulting believes vertical mobility offers mankind a serious shot at turning the dream of flying into a reality for everyone, and inspection, goods, and passenger services have the potential to become a global market worth USD 74 billion.

Astro Aerospace´s Passenger Drone is a state-of-the-art aerial transport vehicle that is slated to improve urban mobility and enable passengers to arrive at their destination swiftly and safely. Designed from the ground up for maximum reliability, the drone´s wide cabin glass design that encases the cockpit optimizes the travel experience by providing 360° surround views and enhanced seating comfort.

Along with this acquisition, Astro has announced the addition of drone expert, Paul Beard, CEO of Uavionix (, to its board.

Constructed from carbon fiber, the Drone exhibits a sleek design and offers structural efficiency. It´s fibre-optic technology reduces aircraft weight magnetic interference. Astro´s functioning prototype includes its VTOL capabilities and has 16 individual rotors to maximize safety performance, and is eco-friendly and emission-free. Touch flight control enables passengers to fly the Drone manually or autonomously.

Astro Aerospace will trade under trade the ticker ASDN in the United States.

Astro Aerospace is the developer of the world´s most advanced autonomous, unmanned, and manned flying vehicles. Its mission is to make self flying unmanned and manned vehicles available to anyone, at anytime, from anywhere, and turn this new and exciting aircraft into mainstream way of transportation. Visit for more information.