ASTRALiTe demonstrates scanning LiDAR system on DJI UAV

ASTRALiTe, Inc. has announced it has demonstrated its Scanning Topo–Bathy LiDAR System on DJI Matrice 600 Pro UAV during three missions in the span of a month, the company said.

The LiDAR runs on its own self-contained battery, saving the drone batteries and enabling more air time. Even with medium-to-high winds, the M600 was able to handle the 5 kg LiDAR payload, and was able to collect centimeter-level bathymetric LiDAR data in each of 13 flights.

At a nearby Reservoir in Colorado, ASTRALiTe integrated its 2-in-1 Topo-Bathy LiDAR System onto the DJI Matrice 600 Pro, one of the most widely used drones in the surveying market. Piloted by the drone professionals at Juniper Unmanned, the M600 was able to carry the 5 kg (11 lb.) payload with ease, while maintaining stability during two 15 minute flights.

ASTRALiTe, Inc., develops and manufactures unique LiDAR systems including the world´s first small-scale topo-bathy LiDAR for detecting small underwater objects, measuring shallow water depth, and surveying critical underwater infrastructure.