ASTM International to introduce remote ID drone tracking standard

ASTM International has announced it aims to satisfy the growing demand for better identification and tracking of unmanned aircraft systems (drones) in airspace systems worldwide, the company said.

The Remote ID standard supports technology that allows the general public and public safety officials to identify a drone using an assigned ID while preserving privacy of the operator´s personal identifiable information. The standard (to be published in the coming weeks with the designation F3411) was developed by the ASTM International unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) committee (F38).

The new specification outlines how drones will transmit the assigned ID, location, speed, and direction by broadcasting over the air and/or sending over a wireless internet connection to a UAS service supplier (USS). This development will help civil aviation authorities, public safety officials, drone manufacturers, service suppliers, independent software vendors, and hardware solutions providers by providing a common interoperable standard.

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