Association of Space Explorers to conduct 32nd planetary congress

Texas-based Association of Space Explorers (ASE) has announced that more than 130 astronaut and cosmonaut delegates from across the world will participate in the 32nd Planetary Congress, the association said.

The Congress, featuring the theme Celebrating Apollo-Inspiring the Future, will recognize and honor the US Apollo Program´s first landing on the Moon, share with the public the accomplishments and the inspiration of space exploration over the last 50 years.

Members of ASE represent 38 nations who have flown astronauts into space, including five major space agencies: NASA (US), Russian Space Agency (RSA), European Space Agency (ESA), Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). The ASE XXXII Planetary Congress presenting sponsor is The Texas A&M University System.

The Association of Space Explorers (ASE) is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) professional and educational organization of astronauts and cosmonauts. ASE´s mission is to provide a forum for professional dialogue among individuals who have flown in space; to communicate the benefits of space science and exploration to the public; to promote education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); to inspire all students; to foster environmental awareness and geographical literacy through such programs as “Windows on the Earth”; and to encourage international cooperation in the exploration of space.