ASR survey finds increased interest in parachute recovery system for general aviation aircraft

Aviation Safety Resources (ASR) has released results of a general aviation safety survey that found 54 percent of private pilots who participated in the survey were familiar with the concept of whole airplane parachute recovery systems (WARPS), the company said.

The online survey was conducted among 125 private pilots and charter aircraft operators from 21 US states and eight countries. Awareness of WARPS among charter pilots was higher, with 75 percent reporting that they were somewhat familiar with WARPS. Charter pilots, operating larger 8-20 passenger planes, said they would be willing to sacrifice weight and space for the life-saving potential of a parachute recovery system like ASR´s trichute safe landing system.

ASR´s trichute safe landing system is designed to equip general aviation aircraft with a pilot-controlled mechanism that will bring passengers and aircraft safely to the ground in the event of an irreversible, in-flight emergency. The technology is designed to activate a series of ballistic systems that separate the passenger compartment from the fuel containing wings and deploys three parachutes to bring the passengers and wings down in separate, controlled level landings.

Aviation Safety Resources provides recovery systems for general aviation aircraft. The company holds three patented inventions, with the potential to create revenue in excess of USD44 million in the USD150 billion general aviation market.