Aspire Ventures enhancing security in the shared economy

Powch, an Aspire company, has announced the launch of Powch Verify, the company said.

Powch Verify provides a quick, easy confirmation that the person you´re looking at is the person they say they are, and it´s conveniently verified in the app you´re already using. When the driver, delivery person, or date arrives, the app automatically notifies you that their identity is confirmed. By using each person´s phone as a unique identifier, Powch can give people all the benefits and conveniences of gig economy services without enduring anxiety over their safety.

This solution will enhance security seamlessly and easily at a time when shared economy safety is undergoing greater scrutiny due to several recent incidents. The product shows early promise with a number of services and businesses in the broader gig economy.

Powch technology leverages cryptography and existing mobile infrastructure to accurately deliver quick and consistent verification. Powch Verify uses a patent pending Proximity Detection Engine (PDE) that relies upon a multi-factor assessment executed in a matter of seconds to reliably ensure greater security for consumers and workers.

Powch is an identity and data-security company founded in 2014. Powch securely enables transactions through a user´s mobile devices and provides immediate and secure access to the user´s information.